The challenge

90 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa go to primary school without electricity.

In the majority of sub-Saharan African countries, the night usually falls to around 6 pm most of the year, plunging students into non-electrified areas in complete darkness and the inability to revise their lessons and do their homework. homework in the evening

Only 28% of the rural population in Africa has regular access to electricity.

More than 400 million Africans live in areas without access to electricity networks. Providing them with access to off-grid electricity is becoming a major challenge to improve the quality of life of these populations and to reduce poverty.

How to promote access to quality education for all and improve quality of life through renewable energies?

Our main mission is to provide all students with the same opportunities for success by improving access to quality education and basic amenities for a comfortable life.

Discover the history of Solarpak

Discover how Solarpak could change life of more than 90 millions students in Africa.

Our solutions

Solarpak Solar Schoolbag


Every day, millions of students in non-electrified areas take a few kilometers in the sun to go to school. Our solar backpack allows them to comfortably carry their school supplies and turns the sun into energy to do their homework at night, thanks to the solar panel, the battery and the integrated led lamp.

Solarpak Students Sponsoring Mobile App


Trust does not exclude control!. Our sponsors can decide to buy and allocate Solarpak bags through our mobile application. They can also monitor the academic performance of sponsored students and have periodic reports on the impact of their actions on the lives of the beneficiaries.

Solarpak Household solutions


Our 'Solarpak solar home system' allows homes, schools and administrations in non-electrified areas to have their own electricity generator outside the national grid and to improve their comfort thanks to the sun

Solarpak innovative goodies & gifts


We believe that happiness and well-being must be shared at all. That's why we design gadgets and innovations that offer the wealthiest tools to increase productivity while being supportive of the less fortunate. This is how our social powerbank allows city people to recharge their batteries at any time by scanning our QR Code and by doing so offer 1 USD for the delivery of a solar bag in non-electrified area.

Our Actions

How solarpak changed their lives

Solarpak has distributed more than 55,000 solar school bags in different countries in Africa, Asia and America, helping to improve the conditions for access to quality education for tens of thousands of schoolchildren in non-electrified areas. Our goals, change the lives of more than one million students within 5 years

Solarpak benefits

Evariste Akoumian, Co-founder


Evariste Entrepreneur, founder of a six-digit computer hardware sales company in Ivory Coast. He is in charge of  sourcing and supply chain management for Solarpak

Thierry N'Doufou, Co-founder


Computer scientist, entrepreneur and digital innovator, he launch the first educational digital tablet and all-in-one tools in West Africa. he is in charge of Products and Innovation for Solarpak

Armel Koffi, Co-founder


With a DBA degree in communication, Armel is in charge of brand and communication for Solarpak



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